Mattress & Curtains

Mattress & Curtain Cleaning Service

Green Machine has the ability to clean any type of window treatment. Using trained, professional personnel, we will take down and re-hang your window treatments at no charge and using a special shrinkage-controlled processing, all drapery is returned within a half-inch of recorded length. We also use the most advanced chemicals to whisk away dirt and dust in our cleaning process and with modern machinery your drapery will return with decorator pleating (flat fold also available). Conditions requiring extra attention are noted on your ticket, such as stains, discolorations, areas that are showing any signs of aging. No matter what type of window treatment from sheers, draperies, blinds and shades, even swag boards, cornis boards and valances, Green Machine has the resources and knowledge to clean the window treatment and keep it looking fresh and beautiful for many years to come.

Our team is equipped to clean draperies on-site. The process is less expensive and your windows do not hang bare for several days. On-site cleaning is a great way to remove dust and soot and freshen up draperies, however, processing in our petroleum-based solvent provides the most effective cleaning.

We also clean mattresses using the same quality techniques we use for carpets and curtains, but specially-adapted for that type of surface and material.

Serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware

Every time we work for you, The Green Machine guarantees 100% the quality of our work.


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