Our History

Green Machine

I began over 30 years ago and have always sought to bring quality cleaning experience to all my customers, with a personal touch. I started when I was in my early teenage years cleaning at home, learning from my parents who both served in the military. They expected the best at all times.

I later started a small business in the local town of Severna Park, Maryland that was called “Lawn Laborers.” I had so much work it was back-breaking, while I was also working full-time at a local food chain. One day when I was home, my wife’s cat urinated between my waterbed and the wall – and being allergic to pollen and urine – I couldn’t stand the odor, which only seemed to grow worse during rainy days. I did my research and called a local carpet cleaning company, and before this technician would even perform his work, I watched as he cut corners, and actually made my urine problem worse! His main purpose was to get in and get out while trying to sell me all these magic chemicals that would get the best results. My carpets were wet for several days and the urine areas near the wall shrunk away from the wall and exposed torn carpet fibers that were still saturated and smelled. I thought long and hard about this and so this made me do more research on carpet cleaning. I actually called a representative of Rug Doctor and I learned as much as I could possibly learn about the proper procedures in carpet cleaning, pet odor removal and much more. The more I read the more excited I became. I was hooked! After that I actually bought my own truck mount unit a year later and founded “The Steam Machine” which in just 1 year I was awarded 11 Holiday Inns, 30 Zales Jewelers throughout Baltimore and Washington, as well as Lord of Baltimore’s in Maryland, plus a contract with Westfield Mall and Sony. I also gained the respect and trust of many loyal residential homes as far as Virginia, and grew the business to include boats, yachts, and emergency flooding work. I was actually contacted by the fire department in Maryland during a hurricane that did roof damage at the Annapolis Mall after the operations manager at that time called a well-known after hours company – and even though they advertise 24-hour response, they would not come out after 2 AM on an emergency call! I obviously did not refuse. From there the business grew and grew!

As procedures change and products improve I always make it my business to find only the products and solutions I would use in my home around my family. This was the start of something great. I created and founded The Green Machine Cleaning and Restoration, which is a one-stop-shop for the state-of-the-art, safest, green-friendly solutions that can stand up to the dirtiest, most hazardous task. Our technicians are knowledgeable and are all bonded to perform like a pro, to “Earn Your Praise,” without fail. We guarantee our workmanship and simply do not cut corners or cheat our customers. As the Founder and Owner of this green company I can assure you that your home, office or retail site will be cleaned and cared for like I would expect mine to be cleaned. We are the leader in customer satisfaction. We clean the best, while keeping in mind our environment is of utmost importance. Thank you for stopping by!

– Tony Brown, Founder & Owner


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